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My Roaming Characters + Profile (Friends Code : G1MM)
Last Roaming Warrior Update : 03/03/2016

Some of my "successful" draw results since August or September 2015...i forgot to save/screencap some of my old ones
...and also i never screencap the "failed" attempts of course... :P

1st Fusion Sword !!

Ohhh yea, Sephiroth's YoshiYuki!! My 2nd fave after Fusion Sword :D

...and my 2nd Tungsten Bangle ><

Seems like i have no luck with 5 stars "Heavy Armors"...never gotten any :(

My "Pure" 5 Stars Relic List - Weapons

My "Pure" 5 Stars Relic List - Armors

Last Update : 03/03/2016

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